Thursday, January 22, 2009

Choices, Choices

So I have been racking my pretty little brain trying to figure out what to get the hubby for our 1 year anniversary. I have no freaking clue what to get him? I mean what do you get someone who always says "Baby, Dont get my anything....I dont want anything."

So if you ladies have any suggestions, or let me know what you happened to get you SO if its not too personal. Any suggestions would help.


So on another topic. Why is that when you tell someone your a MIL Wife or that your Hubster is over seas they give you this look like they were just told you ran over there puppy? I mean if I'm not breaking down and I dont get sad when I tell you what makes you think I need you to feel sorry for me.

I am more than PROUD to be a soldiers wife and I can't put into words who PROUD I am that my Hubby chose to join the military in the middle of a war and defend his country. So if your not a MIL Spouse and you read this, know this, we do not want or need sympathy from you. Yes its a sad situation and yes they may die. But we are strong ladies and knew what we were getting into when we married into the Army. Thank you for caring but if someone says there Hubby is overseas dont answer with am "Oh I'm Sorry," because were not! WE ARE PROUD!

End of rant!!

::Edit:: Go check out the great Give-A-Way that Mel is doing at Calm, Cool , & Collected!!


The Mrs. said...

Flyboy had surgery on our first anniversary so that dampered our celebrating but I did make a little scrapbook of our first year (deployment included) together. We had a nice romantic dinner together, at home with a little mock wedding cake. Hey any excuse for a cake!

ABW said...

I think we spent about 4 months together our first year and then he deployed two days for our first anniversary. I think I got him a sandwich maker so I could have grilled cheese while he was gone. How's that for love?