Wednesday, February 4, 2009

4 Years To The Day

B became more then just my best friend he became my boyfriend. I know its weird to think of these year things now that were married but I think that this day will forever be in my heart.

B and I met my freshman year of high school, he was a sophomore. At the time he was dating a girl, I will call *Whats Her Face*. I knew this girl pretty well. Over the next 3 years we would grown as friends. We would talk about relationship problems that we were each having. I was the one he would call saying that they broke up and I would just tell him that it would all eventually work and and they would be fine. And they would be they would get back together and that cycle continued over the next 3 years.

Fast forward to my Junior year. Me and B ended up having ceramics together. Well things weren't going so well between him and *WHF*. By the beginning of 2 semester they had broken up. Things were weird for sometime. The time eventually came and me and B started dating.

That's when all the cattiness (is that a word) and trash talking started. *WHF* would have her friends talk trash and there were a few instances where I was within inches of beating the crap out of this girl. OK OK I might have some anger issues. After what seemed like forever the drama started to die down. Never completely thought there was always the eye rolls and the dirty looks. But I would take that over all the other crap that was going on any day.

Over the next 4 years we have seen each other through everything starting a month after we started dating we my fathers imprisonment, fights, deaths, laughing, crying, Boot camp, break-ups, make-ups, new jobs, promotions, getting a place of our own, getting married, and now a deployment. Doing it all while making great memories and learning about each other and growing into adults. I wouldn't trade the things we have gone through for anything.

I have never met anyone that can make me laugh like he can (even from 7,000 miles away). No one else in the world can push my buttons like ha can then act like it never happened and start kissing and hugging me to make it better. I miss him more than words can explain.

B I love you with all of my heart. You will forever by my FATHEAD!!!

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erika said...

cute story :) Chris and I have known each other for years and were good friends before we started dating as well.