Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I just dont get it

I fully understand that being away from your husband is mentally, emotionally, and sexually draining. All you want is the person that was there to help when something broke and to hold you when you cried, and to lay down with you when you were in the mood. Being a military wife can be one of the loneliest jobs in the world.

But there is NO EXCUSE to run around and cheat on your husband. Today one of B's SGT found out his wife was cheating. This just makes me sick. To me cheating is never ok but, I can kind of understand when a husband just ignores you and is never there for you when you live in the same home. But to cheat on him when he is out fighting for his country and putting his life on the line everyday is just low.

I know every man at one points wonders if it could happen to him. Then they see their buddies going through this. Its the same men that say "not my girl I got a good one." Woman like this are what make military men wonder. They are a disgrace the MIL wife name.

So to all the wifes that go through 12 to 15 month deployments staying faithful with a full time job, 3 kids and all that comes with that, you are my inspiration. I hope that one day when I am in your postion I am as strong as you.


The Undomestic Army Wife said...

that happens a lot. actually, someone who used to be a really good friend got pregnant by another guy while her husband was deployed. I see it all the time here.

ABW said...

Ha! I don't even get to go to the bathroom by myself, lol. And one of the highlights of deployments is I don't have to shave my legs regularly.

Way back when Gunner went to Bosnia for a year, we had no kids and were newlyweds. I immersed myself with work, graduate school, German lessons, and working out.

People need to focus on how they can improve themselves and their situations rather than focus on what they are missing every single day.

webberpa said...

Cheating wives(and husbands) in the military is as old as the military itself. I think it says something about your marriage than anything else. I mean, certain people will cheat just to fulfill their own physical needs. Or because they are very young and immature. The fact that the guy or gal is off fight a war is besides the point. I mean, do you think that a spouse that cheats when they go to work at a factory, bank, store,whatever is less of a sin that one who cheats on a soldier? Keep in mind the soldiers cheat, too.