Sunday, December 7, 2008

first deployment

i never in a thousand years thought that being an army wife would be this hard. living each day without him seems to be harder then the next. i dont know how wives with 3 kids and multiple deployments under their belts can do this over and over again. i have no one but myself to take care of, i dont have any one else depending on me and there are days when i feel like i am going to fall apart. hopefully this gets easier.

well on a lighter note, its sunday so i did some errand running and put some christmas decorations up. now im making dinner....sloppy joes.......and going to watch a movie........chicago. sounds good to me. work tomorrow :(


The Undomestic Army Wife said...

Keep your head up and stay positive.

Instead of looking at each day negative and thinking of how many days you have left, just look at each day as another day closer.

You will have your days. Keep yourself busy. Find a hobby.

Thats what I have done twice!

armywife said...

i have started scrap booking to help pass the time! its helped a ton