Saturday, December 20, 2008

Visits to the ER

im not really accident prone, i have been to the ER a ton of times but usually as moral support of because someone i know was hurt.
well on sunday i got the pain in my side when i take deep breaths. i just figured it would go away in time. when i tell B about the pain he tries to convince me to go the doctor and i told him that it would go away. he made me agree that if by the weekend it wasn't better i would go to the doctor. well come Wednesday night the pain was starting to become unbearable. i couldn't laugh, sneeze, cough, yawn or breath without there being pain. so i started to worry that it may be serious. i call my aunt, who just had her appendix out, to ask her about how it felt.the pain she was describing was similar to the pain i felt. so i start to freak out and decide maybe B was right so i call my mom and asked her to go with. My sister, who i will call sister1, rode with me since my mother was out and she said she would met us there. after being seen and have blood work done and x rays, it was determined that i SEVERELY TORE AN ABDOMINAL WALL MUSCLE!!!!!! i have no clue how i did it but it was the most painful thing ever.

when B called that night right as i was getting home and of course when i told him i had just arrived home from the ER the questions started flooding out.......

"are you ok?", "is mom ok?", "did something happen to sister1 or sister2?", "is everyone alright?" all these questions and he didn't let me answer not one of them. once i got him to stop and breath. i explained about my side and after the "i told you to go when it first started!" he started making sure i was ok and telling me how he wished he could help! god i miss him!

so that was my trip to the ER. the first i have had in about 3 years. ahaha.

so until next time.........


Lindsay said...

eek! Sounds awful! Glad you're okay and doing better.

Merry Christmas!

jlc said...

Oh no!! Seems it's murphy law to also include ER visits. I've had two since the hubby deployed.

Glad you're ok. Merry Christmas!