Monday, December 15, 2008

Facts about me

so i decided i would just state a few random facts about myself just so you may get to know me

1. i am a young bride
2. i have 2 blood sisters but about 4 at heart
3. at the moments living in sunny california (off base) actually never lived on base
4. i believe cooking can make it all better
5. scrapbooking is an obsession
6. i cant wait to be a mommy
7. i am terrified of other bug
8. live alone........well besides my MIL but thats another post and time
9. i have the worst habit of pulling off my masacra instead of washing my face
10. i forget things almost instantly unless i write it down.....even if i never look at it again just the simple fact of reading my own words i will not forget!

if there are any other questions feel free to ask!!!


Lindsay said...

I believe cooking can make it all better too!

Well, cooking and eating...

ABW said...

I am deathly afraid of roaches....they totally freak me out. I'm not too big on june bugs either, but I can squish them. But roaches.....I loved living in WA where we didn't have them!