Monday, December 15, 2008

4 More Months

so it looks like about four more months until B is home for R&R. honestly i cannot wait. time seems to be flying and i love it. at the beginning of every new month i get this weird feeling in my stomache because i know i am that much closer to him being home for a bit. then when he leaves it will only be about 3 months until he is home for good!!!!

well i started searching for a new job. lets just say......NOT FUN!! with the way the economy is its like there is nothing out there. i want to find a company that i can grow with and learn new things and make a desent amount of money to contribute to our little family. it just seems like everywhere is a dead end. i think i have checked every website and newspaper that i can and still i find nothing. :( its quite sadning...if thats a!

this is what it looked like outside today....

it was ugly here today!! it rained all day and then out of nowhere it started to really big pieces of hail. i didn't mind the rain so much....the hail was a bit difficult do drive in. so now i am home trying to get the hang of this blogging thing and looking up receipes for dinner..
so until next time.....

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