Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My Role in OUR Life

A Army Wife is someone who cancels plans to sit by the phone and wait for his call even though the phone breaks up and cuts off everytime you speak. We are sad, andgry, stong, and independent. We learn to fix leaky sinks and over flowing toilets. We learn to change the oil and fix a flat. We learn to kill the biggest bugs and to use power tools. Not because We want to but because We are in a position that MAKES us. We can break down and pull ourselves together better then most. The paychecks aren't enough and holding a pillow isn't the same. A web cam can never replace is face beign within arms reach. We are the ones left behind to keep everything together so that life can resume when he returns. We pray every night that they are safe from harm. We smile and tell people that we are ok and everthing is fine when really We feel like breaking down right then and there. Being a Soldiers Wife is just about as hard as being the Soldier. We go without the hugs, kisses, touches of our Husbands so you can be with yours. But I wouldn't have it any other way.

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erika said...

hi there - i just found your blog when i saw that you are a follower of mine (sorry it took me so long, i honestly just realized that feature was even there.. ha!).

Anyhow - i liked your post and i look forward to reading more of your blog!