Monday, February 2, 2009

Great news and some not so great news

So awhile back I talked about my friends who happend to get pregnant when she was told she couldn't here. Well she lost the baby :(. Not what we wanted to hear. But on a better note she in now a wife in the making. She called me today and was telling me all about it and then she asked me to......... BE HER MAID OF HONOR!!! Of course I said yes and her boy toy is going to be asking B to be his best man. I know he will be so happy! Now just to figure out what all my duties are as a Maid Of Honor. I am ready for the challange.

Well I am now a month closer to seeing B. He comes home in April. Im hoping we get the exact dates in a timely manner so I can take time off work but, if you have ever delt with the army you know things like dates and times are never correct and always change. But I am still excited. Im shipping off his package tomorrow I'm just hoping it gets there in time for Valentines Day. I kinda lagged on getting it out. Oops!

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indiana.girl said...

Coming home in April? Oh, you lucky, lucky thing!