Thursday, January 15, 2009

Two in One Day!

OK this situation deserved its own post and I didn't want to add it to the last. I dont want to put too much time into this because it makes me mad to think about.

Well I was at work and keep it rated G up in here.....WEINIE, started talking about how he didn't support the war and how he thinks it dumb. Now this isn't what bothered me. He continued to ramble on about how he doesn't get why people volunteer for the service no matter what branch it was. And yet not even this bothered me.

He kept talking and talking. Now mind you EVERYONE at work knows where my Hubby is and what he is doing. And I had on the Hubby's PT sweater on which has the word ARMY written across the chest. Well the simple minded, no good of a man blurted out the most IGNORANT works I have ever heard. He had the balls to say THAT EVERY SOLDIER THAT DIED SERVING OUR COUNTRY IN THIS WAR DESERVED TO DIE!

Well that when I lost it. I walked right up to him and called him things that would have made my Grandmother cry if she heard them come out of my mouth. I told him my Hubby was 100 more time a man then he could dream of becoming. I told him he better hope that he never seen me outside of work because it might just be the end of his life. My manager thought the things I called him were funny (the guy isn't very liked where I work). Needless to say I got into a bit of trouble to me it was all worth it to defend those that DEFEND OUR COUNTRY. I am all for being able to have an opinion and freedom of speach but he just took it too far. I hope that before he opens his mouth next time he will think twice.

Now I feel much better :)


jlc said...

What!?!?! I shake my head at ignorance. That's insane.

Allison said...

I just ran across your blog and thought I'd say hi. Good job standing in the way of ignorance!

I saw your post about reading and I read A LOT (4-5 books a week) so if you tell me two or three books you loved I'll try to think of a few more you'd like.

webberpa said...

Sounds like that guy is just on drugs, crazy or just plain ignorant. Even if he believes all that crap, he needs to keep it to himself! Esspecially at the workplace, HE should be the one getting in trouble, not you.

Lindsay said...

Dang girl! Good for you. I would have a hard time keeping myself from physical violence, and I agree, any bit of trouble would have been well worth it.